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Today's Global Economy

Posted by phfobric on May 22, 2015 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi peoples.

Maybe this is the first time in a while that we just sat and chatted. Okeh, ME FIRST! (props go out to anyone; including, but not excluding, we who can lay our egos aside, avoiding devisiveness, and as Jiddu Krishnamurti [google him] used to say, "see if there is a Truth beyond our day to day lives, that actually IS Truth. To discover if there is A Truth independant on anyone or anything, as if Truth were an object, which it is not. Truth is what is without allowing the mind to play wth the notion that it , the mind, has power over Truth, because it can cognize it. This then inflates the ego, and it's never ending striuggle, but the search for Truth is over then, before it really begins."

So what follows is a brief exchange with me and an overseas rep for guitar parts. Yes, I have to deal with the Chinese for a share of the guitars I build or rescue, simply because I just started this thing and I needed any momentum, cheaper prices, to start moving this juggernaut along. right now. The quality meets or exceeds manufacturers recommendations.

The plain Truth about the guitars that pass through these hands, is that I want to keep every axe I've worked on. I'm early , but maybe one day I'll see an artist using one of my ETIzGTRz(c). Not ego, just love drawing music out of a guitar when I play. Uppermost, I want my buyers to get that same feeling or it's no go, no show, no sale!


From: windylegend

To: phfobric

Subject: windylegend has sent a question about :shipping for item #121370809249, ending on Jun-18-15 19:26:14 PDT - 1 X New Pretty Good Lic Birdseye Maple Telecaster Strat Neck Guitar

Sent Date: May-21-15 17:23:53 PDT


Dear phfobric,


My dear client, your business is highly appreciated from our heart!

Your goods are now being handled, we will post them soon. If you can’t get the goods as we state in the shipping time of the description, please contact me ASAP to solve the problem.

Good communication makes things better. So plz don't give me negative or neutral feedback until we have communicated and I have tried to resolve any problems. If you do have a problem, please kindly reply this message, and attach your problem here, we will get back to you soon.

Best regards!


- windylegend


Dear windylegend,


Yes. Thank you for uplifting msg about my item. Nice to know someone cares from over there. We hear stories of working conditions, that you can't discuss or even acknowledge, but is a deep concern for free men and woman the world over. Believe it. I sell, too; guitars I rescue with _your_ parts, but I am very small time, so far. As far as feedback goes I always give high marks, 100% because I know how hard it can be. But I WILL contact my seller/buyer if there is a problem, through a private msg, and let-them-have-it, if it was a great error. We are all ambassadors of eBay, worldwide, so if EVEN ONE of us conducts unscrupulously, we ALL look bad and eBay loses credibility, and we all will look for work, somewhere else. I refuse to allow this to happen; not that I am such a great force, but I am in tune with the "collective consciousness", of eBay, unseen. Now, THAT is some kind of power, eh?; a GOOD power. You feel it, too? I am not a big $$ maker, yet, but maybe this kind of "power" is better than money. I love rescuing and building guitars. Thanks


- phfobric


Dear phfobric,


Apprecaite for understanding , i couldn’t agree with you more

it is very nice of you

have a nice day



- windylegend


So you see this is how phfobe rolls, globally. Globally following our originals out on Jango, an Internet music service, promoting the "unsigned". I only sprekinzy Englais so my msgs to global Fans is a little daunting. I've invited them to the Facebook page and our website, but if I could send it simultaneously, in the different languages that would be sweet.

Nap time, but stop back by every now and then; every year or so. We'll be here, or we will return shortly!

Late. Peace out! Lov ya! Jai Guru

Moron Ancient Alienesque

Posted by phfobric on August 26, 2013 at 1:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Good day peoples

phfobe is coming off a sabbatical of sorts, the Thomas's return from the festive Pig Roast Reonion, er Reunion! It looked like a wild time to the folks at Bithlo Towers, as you basically have to go with "Road Kill of the Day" Street-pizza Dejor' 'round here! I know Dan nor Lynn would mind if you F/B'd them and check out the vacation photos! They sure are swell! We must find a way to stowaway next time!

No way am I giving up on the Ancient Alien banter. About a dozen years or so ago I had started the whole "phfobe, phfobric dealio" hatching on my Premier Site "Phfobricopeia Inc", complete with commentary on Music (mostly in the Rock, Alternative vein, with streaming originals) and, who I was referring to as the Ancients, and other metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, which I happen to take very seriously. I said we can't possibly call them "Aliens". The Universe, or the Multi-Verses (put "Theory of the Week" here!) are their "home"; our's, as well.

What chaps my ass is, I don't take kindly to Earthlings be whisked away against their will, and experimented on. The latest is, it is a deal between our covert gov't operators, and the f'ing Ancients, themselves, for genetic harvesting. And we in turn get new bits of technology, until digested, or "as the Ancient Alien Theorists believe", as they see fit to release it.

Now, I'd like to reiterate, these ARE topics that I re-brought up as there was quite a lull between Chariot of the Gods, and there being a regular presence of the Ancients, on TV, at last! JOY!

Before casting off for now, I will be rememebering articles taken from my first essays, from the old site and renewing them here and possibly on F/B, as I had established contact with the channel, and would like to put my two cents in. Cool. There are definitely sobering issues to share regarding Our Father, who art IN HEAVEN. All the secrets are hidden OUT IN THE OPEN.

I'll show you some of them. "How deep DOES the rabbit hole go ?" said Morpheus (from the movies, Matrix). How DEEP indeed....


Word, from Facebook

Posted by phfobric on April 20, 2013 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (1)

"Aliens likes this."

Well, hell yeah they read their mail! "Donna" got a big thumbs up from the AA Show Itself on Facebook, liking the idea of a spoof to try on SNL, and the list of comments that followed as ideas flowed through our "Creative Department's" minds. We are soo pleased with ourselves that we are connected with all of this, even a little bit.

A LOT more to come

Anne Ah'd Mishon

Posted by phfobric on April 16, 2013 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

the frss here

My admission is I've stood on the shoulders of a very great human being, who passed on several years back, who introduced me to PCs when they were in their infancy. My first machine was an Amiga 500 with fucking WINDOWS!!! What was THAT!!

His name was Tony Travaglini, who became one of the Heads of the UCF Computer Science Department and held his esteemed position until cancer took him. But his Internet Metaphysics lives on in me. Deep in the Matrix lies the Ghost in the Machine. And I believe its tendrils may have its roots in the Sky. Everything else does.......

phfobe was a name picked by "the people". My screen name is phfobric; the first three letters, my initials in reverse, "phf", a sight "gag" that I used all the time with the heavy ffffff-sound; then, 'obric, an acronym for One BRaIn Cell (in the Internet brain. Spooky!). So when on-line fellow users chopped MY user name for ease, I used it for the name of the band.

We are writing songs that are not in the main stream (yet), but on close examination (what we do when we analyze music) are some different twists, different lyrical directions. You will not get rich playing the new stuff and they WILL see you on the Dark Side of the Moon, right? Waters and Gilmore were RIGHT! So was Syd, but he could not handle it. A Saucerful of Secrets, right? Google it

So phfobric begat Phfobricopeia, Inc, for some time, when I was running off at the keyboard. I had a free or cheap site where I begat the word "blurb", decades ago, and started to blog, before it had a name, about the ANCIENT ALIENS, a theory I (among hundreds) was lugging around since the Von Daniken books premiered, and in turn begat volumes and volumes that spill out of the B&N's everyday since. I postulated then that we could not call these beings "Aliens" (had to have been the late 80s. I really wasn't the first), because they had been around the Earth (Terra), "forever", our forever, and we are just recalling information as human knowledge expands. Whatever they looked like, our connection to them is ancient and way, WAY deeper, older...than human's can imagine, or are capable of imagining. Therefore, I said that I would refer to them as The Ancients from then maybe we all should. It sure explained a lot of song-and-dancing the history books have been doing since they opened schools and requested texts from which to learn. Who cared that tons of information was just ACCEPTED for what it was, until you looked closely, or started asking questions. The Old Schoolers were shunned until the evidence just became too overwhelming to deny.

After researching in different directions, and finding evidence virtually EVERYWHERE on Terra, it is kind of indisputable; debunkers falling all over themselves as they back-pedal their brains back into the1700s. There are MILLIONS of people who are in denial that we are spinning through space amongst the "Heavens", in the first place, so all the rest of this universal knowledge is buffered heavily in their consciousness. I mean if you dwell on it long enough, you get more interiorized, as meditators do, and the fear, stimulated by the Great Deep Unknown, is just THERE. Face it and it disappears into something else; A-w-a-r-e-n-e-s-s! G-o-d! and as a person, who has Faith, is an open vessel for Real Knowledge and it doesn't weigh anything. It just weighs on the ones who are trying to keep this to themselves, to stay anchored on the "ground"; that really isn't there anymore.

Anyway, I bring this up because the AA thing is nothing new to me/us and I've been carrying that torch a long time. Friends used to turn and avoid. And now it is legitimized by indisputable evidence and the hidden temples once hidden are finally being revealed, with a knowledge that finally allows us to understand the ancient texts, the mysteries, the hideous anomalies, of Terra's past, present and, as "her" inhabitants, we trepiditiously stare into an infinite future...

"whose center is EVERYWHERE and whose circumference is NOWHERE!"


A MultiVerse of Humor

Posted by phfobric on April 16, 2013 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Totally over the deep end at my, frss's (now) favorite FBsite, and TV show, ANCIENT ALIENS. I the frss am still in FB exile so I post vicariously and at great peril to my personal safety (she don't like it too much) thru my beautiful wife, Donna. This exchange happened tonight andI just couldn't quit once I got started. I think I hear drones over the house. Definitely Black copters man!!!

And I quote, from the Ancient Alien FB page:

"Secretly I think there is HUGE potential for a spoof of you guys, SNL-wise. After showing a bit of a spoof of _the regular show_ and Theorists, they cut to commercials, one after another and EVERY THING "they" are selling links back to a Theorist, "Could Swiffers be a direct link to Extraterrestrials???" "Could Claritin have been a formula left by Extraterrestrials for humans looking for a Divine Cure from the Gods??" (Showing a stone inhaler going into an ancient statue's nose). Granted I, we, hubby, friends, hold your show, the Theorists, its ideals and conviction in the HIGHEST regard. AA information IF WE ARE PAYING ATTENTION can, could be, IS scary at times and a little SNL connection (since the show is VERY good, at this time cast-wise) might inject some humor into a rather "stone" sobering subject. hehe".

"One of the Egyptian Bas Reliefs with one of the Gods with the Dog's head wearing an apron and pushing a Swiffer. C'MON!!!"

"Fred Thomson in a silver suit imploring ancient civilizations to consider Reverse M'brane Mortgages on their worlds in their declining eras. SOMEBODY PLEASE STOP ME! Do you think the Russian "cauldron's" could reach this far???"

"Why didn't the "whites" (female, almond eyes, cover of Communion, males have round eyes, eyewitnesses have seen in weird suits; David Byrne from Talking Heads wore such a costume at T/H shows. No one knew why. I did.) break out a comedian when they asked Whitley, "How can we stop you from screaming?" CERTAINLY they are smart, but are they WITTY?? Don't tell me the Multi-verses are humorless places. I said don't tell me."

"I've heard that one Ten to the BAZILLIONTEENTH TIMES already!!!"

"Hubby's OBSERVATION.They all are. The slow moving Triangular Supermegawedgies moving s-l-o-w-l-y over cities remind me of school bus drivers who practice their routes before school begins. These things are beyond HUGE? Could hold a bunch of "passengers"? Where are we going? And when? Can I bring my guitar?"

Trying to make ends meet

Posted by phfobric on September 10, 2012 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

                       eBay sent this message to Frank Patterson (phfobric).

Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay. Learn more.This member has a question for you.

Do not respond to the sender if this message requests that you complete the transaction outside of eBay. This type of offer is against eBay policy, may be fraudulent, and is not covered by buyer protection programs. Learn More.

                       Dear phfobric,


If you would consider shipping to Sweden, I'll bid 30 US dollars!

Please check out my feedback!





- nmarcp

Click "respond" to reply through Messages, or go to your email to reply

                   Hagstrom ONE! Single coil pickup!!

Item Id:180964376728End time:Sep-07-12 15:35:46 PDTBuyer:nmarcp (100)100.0% Positive FeedbackMember since May-13-08 in SwedenListing Status:This message was sent while the listing was active.

Recent transaction from eBay activity. What makes this gooder and gooder is the original manufacturer AND (still very much in business) the buyer ARE BOTH IN SWEDEN. WTF does this guy need me for? Are there no used '60's Hagstrom 1's in the MOTHER COUNTRY???


Posted by phfobric on August 8, 2012 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (2)

Some more witty musician reparte'. This episode has Frank scouring the land for Guild Thundebird, Jet Star parts. Frank also seeks a new instrument name from a company that does not exist anymore. He longs to designate phfobe's 7-string Thunderbird      DARK STAR

RE: Other: phfobric sent a message about NOS DeArmond De Armond Black Control Knob for Guitar Bass Starfire Guild T400 #221095251800 Hide Details

FROM: Dan Thomas TO: Frank Patterson OC Message flagged Wednesday, August 8, 2012 5:07 PM

"Spotted it and picked it up a couple of days ago,,  now where did I sit it for safe keeping....."


Stick Smash Make Noise   GOOD




Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2012 09:19:47 -0700

From: [email protected]

Subject: Fw: Other: phfobric sent a message about NOS DeArmond De Armond Black Control Knob for Guitar Bass Starfire Guild T400 #221095251800

To: [email protected]; [email protected]


Maybe you guys get a kick out of this "exchange". No word yet on a truss rod cover. Dan, there isn't a round, silver "D" on your shop floor is there?

 "He who can stand unshaken, amidst the crash of breaking worlds" - Ancient Hindu Text

----- Forwarded Message -----

From: eBay Member: phfobric <[email protected]>

To: [email protected]

Sent: Wednesday, August 8, 2012 11:48 AM

Subject: Other: phfobric sent a message about NOS DeArmond De Armond Black Control Knob for Guitar Bass Starfire Guild T400 #221095251800

eBay sent this message to Frank Patterson (phfobric).

Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay. Learn more.This member has a question for you.

Dear some-parts,


Hello. I've been asking around to the Guild/DeArmond parts suppliers, for a "new" truss rod cover; for a DeArmond Sevenstar that I've modded in to a 7-string "Thunderbird". Replete with with DiMarzio Crunch Lab 7 and Liquifire 7 pups (4-conductor pups to replace the 2-conductor DeArmond, Guild, Fender??? pickups), new Hagstrom Tremar, routing/installation for the 3-switch cluster, and phase switch.

Pictures can be seen at our band's website ( go to photos, click on "One-of-a-kind 7-stein"), or the Offset Guitar forum; New & Reissue; DeArmond Jetstar "string'.


This formidable axe DESERVES a new designation. With DeArmond and Guild out of business, there is no one to appeal my case to. I have chosen the name DARK STAR to adorn this glorious remod. I am looking for someone to create a Guild truss rod cover with the Guild logo on top, and the name DARK STAR, where it would be placed like the Jet Star covers are. I do believe they capitalize everything.


Can you guys do it?


- phfobric

                   NOS DeArmond De Armond Black Control Knob for Guitar Bass Starfire Guild T400Item Id:221095251800End time:Sep-06-12 13:08:53 PDTBuyer:phfobric (52)100.0% Positive FeedbackMember since Jan-30-01 in United StatesLocation: FL, United StatesListing Status:This message was sent while the listing was active.


I take GREAT exception to these remarks

Posted by phfobric on July 18, 2012 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

What follows is a brief discourse between a fellow ebear and myself regarding the distinguising factors between an ACTUAL EVIL Twin and a fucking Twin Reverb with the words "Twin Amp" on the control plate. Some are misled that the coveted "Red knob" Twin is the ONLY REAL EVIOL TWIN AMP. O Au Contraire my Pantalooned Harlequin. Yes, Fender, after grounding all the MOSFET Pro 185 (Stevie Ray Vaughn used them. So did I) and the Stage lines (why oh why oh whydid they really???), and weren't producing Twin Reverbs at all, suddenly revives the gasping Twin legacy, and flushes out a TUBED crrr-anking amp. Friend Scott Anderson bought one the first year it came out. We ooh and ahhed it as he displayed its charms and then he, uh, er uh NAILed me into the wall. Fucker was loud alright. IT seemed the only down-side was that Fender hadn't captured the concept of channel/swiching/stacking. Four inputs two split to the clean, two dedicated to the "channel switching" channel. Wee bit confusing, but other than that IT WAS LOUD!


Here is what this misinformed dude thinks he knows about Twins. HA!!!

This is a 1994 Fender Twin Amp Pro Tube Series,  Type PR-266

I have the original owners manual! Made from the mid to late 90's100 watt/ 2-12" speakers

I had first thought this was the evil twin but it seems that I was wrong, so here is the correction.

I have been reading a lot about the Evil Twin and this is not. The Evil Twin is the red knob before this one and is known as the unreliable amp or evil twin. The problems have been fixed and you get this very reliable version. Sorry if I confused you, but I needed to make the correction.

Pardon me. You may have started a small war. Any Twin ANY TWIN!! WITHOUT the tremelo is an EVIL twin. That is what made it so. And, when you see what I call a three button (EVIL) or four button (tremolo circuitry [in the far right "mixing section"] is a f'ing Twin REVERB. Remember them?) I've been playing Twins for forty years ( and your Twin, like mine, is the best EVIL twin they ever or will ever make. Wear that distinction proudly. Your amp QUALIFIES, and this is fron the source  I swears it, in '94 they started pumping out the 4-button Twin REVERBS with the words Twin Amp on the control plate. History will record this misnomer for eons to follow.



Pat Rhodes

Posted by phfobric on May 1, 2012 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

It is with the greatest of sorrows to announce the passing of a dear, dear friend, Pat Rhodes. For those who knew him, he was a straight up, feet on the ground kinda guy. Rock solid Husband and Father. Having earned an early retirement, he worked on, under his own Handyman banner, because he knew the value of hard work and supreme effort. He didn't know how to quit. It took the "Heavenly Father" to snatch him up out of this world, and into the Next. The Heavenly Father had been overseeing a remodel on his mansion, and not satisfied with the quality of work, had called on Pat to "Come Home, My Son", so Pat could supervise the work, and make sure it was Done Right!!!

Rock On, Brother!!

...and to steal a line or two from Gladiator, "we WILL meet again. but not yet. No, not yet..."


OC and family

Frank, Donna and family

Dan and Lynn (who had shared the "stage" with Pat, at Monica and Scott's last party in Wedgefield)

DeArmondGuildFender Korean Sevenstar Remodel

Posted by phfobric on April 11, 2012 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everybody! Our Facebook poll says 67 or 66, not quite 69 "outloud" fans, although we are pretty sure there are a couple more of you out there. phfobe will not give in. People will get us and then we will have a larger voice. Of this we are certain. We have been out there as long as the Beatles were out  there (not besides the growing years...). It's a fact. As soon as we stop trying to do the "right thing"; staying honest and true to OUR music and not just posing for the paying masses, although we are LONG overdue for some payback, our Souls are NOT FOR SALE! We can GET FUNKY. just WHO do you think you are reading to?

Donna says I can GO TO HELL if she think I think she can handle cleaning all 17 floors of the Bithlo Towers. We have a contract

I gotta go, more sooner than later. I mean it.