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Posted by phfobric on March 11, 2012 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Goto your source for streaming phfobe music and absorb yourself in the mundane and subliminal messages coursing through the inner ether, as surrender is easy, and necessary to pass through "the" portal. The one's with sizeable egos will not pass, for the ego is but an inner reflection of the mind's eye on the pristine soul within, and NOT real, although IT SURE THINKS IT IS. Just like this magnificient show before our physical eyes, it is captivating, entrancing, mesmerizing; we are convinced it is REAL. Silly, that is soooo relative it ain't even funny. Okeh, a little. Einstein had his 5-speed gearbox, and WAS CONVINCED!!

Starting to get cell phone calls of drivers, west bound 528, THE BEE-LINE, that they see lights coming from that portion of Bithlo Towers, over the forest, thinking the homeless are setting fires on the 17th fl observation deck, again. NO! We are re-occupying (such a 2012-concept) Phfobricopeia's offices as Hope has again sprung eternal for the Warriors, phfobe are approaching and are on the diarama of battle. Field planning, logistics, aggressive theatrical tactics strategy is at the core of the New Campaign.


Make way. MAKE WAY!!!!

See our death has been highly misinterpreted

Posted by phfobric on December 21, 2011 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Arise from these ashes I say, or was it ASSES!?

Re: Dan started it. Let's push it along, this Christmas is OURS!. Pass it on, ho ho!!

FROM: Frank Patterson TO: Dan Thomas OC Micheal Logan BCC: Dave Miller Scott & Ginny Anderson Bill Travaglini Bonnie Cottage Ronald Jones 33 More... Message flagged Tuesday, December 20, 2011 10:54 PM

In regards to aforementioned post toastie same to you, but more of it! Did that come out right? (I bcc: my recipients so they're not supposed to be able to be read down the road). But any and ALL are wished a


Accept our fond wishes to you all, who have made our lives what they are: Positive Influences for the Future. God Bless Us, Everyone

Annie Lennox Christnas album/CD a special treat from last year. The year before that, '09's Disney's A Christmas Carol, a motion capture triumph, is hi-high-HIGHLY recommended (SCARY PARTS will upset young children. Parents will want to see it first). Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman NAIL voice-over's, with many, many others.


Albert Sims, imho, was the best Scrooge......until now. Carrey can't overpower this masterpiece, but he tries. The motion capture technique was developed from the video gaming brain trust. Detail is evident in dark and misty scenes (England wasn't an all together nice place) and extreme detail can be seen in the backgrounds of these scenes. Phenomenal. Breath stealing. Don't know how I missed this. Thought it would be a "Goofy" Carrey flick, I reckon, but IT IS NOT! Oh yeah, btw



  "He who can stand unshaken, amidst the crash of breaking worlds" - Ancient Hindu Text

In Dan's own words, as follows and
I quote

From: Dan Thomas <[email protected]>

To: Dave Pope <[email protected]>; Dennis Ward <[email protected]>; Frank Patterson <[email protected]>; Frank <[email protected]>; Jim Justice <[email protected]>; OC <[email protected]>; Micheal Logan <[email protected]>

Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2011 5:10 PM


Since I know the next few days are going to be extremely active I figured I'd take a moment and wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a abundant New Year.

Be Safe out there and enjoy your families.



  "If A is a success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut." :  Albert Einstein

Well ,whuddaBOUDIT?The Redeux!!!

Posted by phfobric on July 6, 2011 at 11:37 PM Comments comments (0)

Straight off the press at a long time anchor for phfobe and phfobites, alike,

Re: Fuse pt 2 

FROM: Frank Patterson

TO: Dan Thomas OC Guest Message

flagged Wednesday, July 6, 2011 11:34 PM 

Out of sync. Late night aborted attempts to call at a unreasonable hour-bad for me. Can you get together Thurs nite, which is short notice tonight, whatever Dan's listened to?

Such a great message I went ahead and had the minions reprint. I'm bringing the Fender 85 with my "Luthier's box" since a gearhead on line said to check the big square resistors on either end of the PCB. Still feverishly looking for non-Brodie work, which is not so bad considering the line I'm fixing to get into. Dewey better get ready to whisper a bunch of shit in my "O'ther ear" (Eagles said it...) cause I'm a goin' CPA-ing I'm guessin' This is going to be the first post on the blog page at phfobe control in a while. And we have those 14 fans!!! Contact me on gettin' together. Thanks,y'all!

 "He who can stand unshaken, amidst the crash of breaking worlds" - Ancient Hindu Text

Update on Falling to the Wayside? NO

Posted by phfobric on May 12, 2011 at 3:29 PM Comments comments (0)

Following news of Kevin's hiatus from steady beats (he still helps out Mike at the BubbaLou's Epic Sunday Jams, sacrificing leg and limbs. A..., no, THE consumate professional) OC has spread his wings for a musical stint with The Chosen Few. Sound familiar?? THR fans will know them from a date they performed eloquently at The Ranch.

It's  thinnly rumored that Dan, the Chosen Few drummer, might be a fit for phfobe, but it is too early to tell. He's a seasoned individual that "hit every pitch we threw at him". Had a flair for improvization and the suits in the Phfobricopeia main offices are poised to go with the first player that is compatible with Oliver and frss's particular style, AND nuances.

Watch This Space for future developments. phfobe is NOT dispursing, nor abandoning their ideals and principles. The Rest of the Story  has yet to be told. We're getting some local, national and international airplay through JANGO, a pay for play station. We're amassing a few fans from aroung the world who are hearing the phfobe message Loud and Clear. One way of dividing and conquering.

Speaking of Bubbalou's, this weekend frss, being a Orlando Youth Center alumni , with Shell, one of the last bands to play to a crowd by Lake Pineloch, would like to attend BBL's as they are featuring a STAR PACKED stage of OYC alumns. Not being contacted, I'm still going to support the old guys and maybe, JUST MAYBE, they'll let me sit in for one or two.

Look for this site to start pimping for the Chosen Few!!!

Osama Bin Laden killed by elite US units

Posted by phfobric on May 2, 2011 at 12:26 AM Comments comments (0)

Yes, the Prez himself was in the midst of the operation, and gave the command to proceed, leading to the Primary Objective of US operations in Irag and Afghanistan; the Death or Capture of Osama Bin Laden, known to be the mastermind of Al Qaeda operations and acts of supreme terror and indiscriminate massive loss of Life anywhere in the world. They killed him. boo-frikkin'-hoo. Sooo Sadddddddd!

Won't speak for the other guys, but to all my Republican friends, whose "leaders" have withdrawn their money out of the economy to make Barack look bad, and hold him down. Well, HOW THE FUCK YOU GONNA KEEP HIM DOWN NOW? He was personally involved in bringing justice, REAL FUCKING JUSTICE to the Americans who lost their lives, loved ones, and Security, since Nine Eleven.

Atta Boy Mr President (I don't care about the 'boy' part. Barack and I talk)

Yeah we're looking

Posted by phfobric on April 25, 2011 at 11:43 AM Comments comments (4)

With the exit of Mad Cat, phfobe is now on the prowl for a skinsman with a flair for variety, because in our Cover Band personna, we paint from a varigated palette of songs, presented in the modern form, of a Power Trio. Blending this with a formidable phalanx of originals and remakes and instrumentals, the phfobe set lists can be set anyway the gig dictates.

Keep this in mind, as physicality is a must, to be prepared and have the willingness to do anything; and the ability and the chops to do it, dynamics nearly uppermost in performance requirements.

Leave a message with Frank or Oliver, email addy's on the Front Page.

Re: latest news... tuesday Wednesday, April 20, 2011 4:09 PM From "oliver guest"

Posted by phfobric on April 21, 2011 at 7:17 AM Comments comments (0)

I have to look at it like this: everything is an opportunity to grow in some way.

Kevin, you know we love you and we love your playing style, at times the rhythm section under Frank had to be one of the most powerful I've ever been involved in and I am proud of what we sounded like. We hit a few milestones - Tin House Ranch in front of 400-500 people and held our own, Charlie's Benefit at The Hide Out - no one else sounded anything close to what we had to offer, even a couple of the Big Fish nights were as tight as any we played, which is saying something considering the circumstances (SNAFU) that we faced when we played there.

I do think that I would like to record some things - originals and covers - to keep and work on as far as video work  (Eric is building me a system for that purpose, and I am starting to try to learn the ropes), so keep that in mind, it is still a ways off, so no hurry, but it is something I do plan on doing.

I made a vow to myself a few years ago to pick up an instrument, and play it, every day. I have not done so lately and it shows in my playing, so I am going to make the effort to do it again. I also used to just turn on the radio and play along with whatever came on to help my ear - jazz, country, pop, oldies, whatever, to make myself learn a song I did not know and then on to the next one, as exercise. Again, I am lax in that.

But I regress, I am sad that we did not achieve what we all thought was possible within the framework of the band, but we did accomplish some things that will be hard to top. That is all (for now!)

Later, guys. OC


There are two ways to live your life...One is as though nothing is a miracle,

The other is as though  everything is a miracle. 

Albert Einstein

Re: latest news... tuesday Wednesday, April 20, 2011 2:25 PM From: "MadCat"

Posted by phfobric on April 21, 2011 at 7:13 AM Comments comments (0)

Frank, you have said a lot of things to me, that have stirred many things deep in me. This was probably the most stirring yet. I don't know what to say, other than Thank You.

I know I am not the easiest guy to get along with, and I certainly am a unique character at times. phfobe will be a cherished chapter in my life, and there are many many things that will be missed about it. But holding you all back is NOT going to be something I want responsibility for. You and OC deserve better. In the best interests of all of us, it has to be this way at this time. I will continue to offer you both anything within my grasp, as little as it has become lately. Me casa su casa, you know?

We did get some good video out of it so far. Hopefully the next drummer will fit even better. This isn't the end of anything OTHER than my being able to play in the band in the forseeable future. As it stands, I barely see a future, so how can I plan... right?

It is sad, but there is a bright spot. That is you and OC being able to go on without having to contend with my problems. You both have my support always. And the best thing, you just never know what tomorrow brings. So we look for tomorrow with hopes for a better one. Time will tell that tale.  I love you guys, thank you for the ride.  


Mad Cat departs, under duress, with our support

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Flag this messageRe: latest news... tuesday Wednesday, April 20, 2011 8:46 AM From: "Frank Patterson" View contact details To: "MadCat" , "OC Guest"

There are many things more important than trying to keep a band together. Work is a higher priority. Family is the HIGHEST priority. No arguments over here. You do what you think is right, and that's all there is to it.

You can walk away knowing that your "shoes" will be hard to fill. Your attitude and dedication, within the confines of our individual situations, will be hard to duplicate. OC and I aren't sure what will do, but we do want to finish what we started. I hope some of your persistence will be an invisible catalyst for new growth, in all our theatres in life.

We love you, Kevin and in turn have strong feelings and desires for your family, that you are safe and protected within the loving-kindness of our Lord. This is a sad moment for phfobe, always trying to one-up the next band, with original song choices, covers not always heard, but with a flair, "educating" the public. You helped sustain that, even when you thought it might not be in the best interests of a cover band.

Your contributions and even-mindedness will not be forgotten. You will always have a place in our hearts, and history, trying to accomplish what others have only, tried and failed. Hold your head high, Kevin. The foundation stones that you layed while with the band cannot be replaced, only built upon.

I/we pray that God support you and your family through the coming trials. Whatever you take with you from our experiences, know in your heart, you left a conqueror, a Winner.


"He who can stand unshaken, amidst the crash of breaking worlds" - ancient Hindu text

phfobe [email protected]'s BBQ

Posted by phfobric on April 6, 2011 at 1:49 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey folks. While we regroup and gird our loins for a new phfobe campaign, You can catch all of phfobe st the Bubbalou's BBQ on Alafaya Trail and Research Pkwy on Sunday's.

The Sunday events are hosted by none other than Mike Logan of local Tin House fame, bringing many diverse musicians together on the B/L's BBQ stage. While the Tin House Ranch is under property repairs after the storms of March, so consider BubbaLou's the Ranch away from the Ranch. All ages, great food and terrific atmosphere. C'mon DOWN!!!!