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Reply francois
10:17 PM on April 4, 2017 
Typical blog comment in the Guestbook sec, happens all the time. phfobe did the Almost Famous Tin House Ranch, Frank overcomewith sun,. When Trademarrk rolled up, and rolled off, horrifying lostness, as in Lost in Space Jupiter II-style, y'all. "Danger Will Robinson!"
Reply francois
11:33 PM on October 31, 2016 
Published by Donna Patterson · 2 hrs ·

Don't know if the HorsePower Ranch (in no way in competition with the beloved TinHouse Ranch) were able to get any video of the opening of the Car Show HPR had last Sunday. The past 2 weekends they've held a Pumpkin Patch Festival, held for many years in the Geneva area. I was granted the privilege of opening the day's activities in my own style of "the Star Spangle Banner", which was fun and a challenge First weekend I was over by the huge garage, which was some ways from the house and barn, the epi-center of activity. So the last weekend I set up on the porch of Scott and Rachel's house, in the middle of activity and made more of an impression.

THE LAST DAY was unique for me. For the HPR, as well. Set up with a GREAT DJ (Donna's napping I will update) he had the tech to broadcast thru peops radios in the crowds, and he ran an audio line from my stuff to his; my two ear-bleeding combo amps/effects, front-projection rigs, thru the DJs PA (the 12"s the 18"s the horns) for a great sound. With help from Seminole's Finest to come, I was introduced and carefully fretted through the intricacies of "the Star Spangled Banner". with an absolutely attentive crowd.

I was close to the finish, embellishing riffs past the " of the sea..." then, "...and the home of the Brave..."; and at the end, I chose the three chords Pagey uses to close "Over the Hills and Far Away" on HOH; very appropo. And as I pulled the last Pagey chord to its conclusion, I pointed upward, live it makes a nice "visual", EXACTLY as the Huge Seminole Sheriff's chopper flew over the house and me.

It still is a feeling I've never experienced before in my life, and a tear or two has splashed on the keypad. The sheriff's pilot's timing was perfect, and a sustained hush went over the entire crowd. God Bless The USA!
Reply frank
10:42 AM on June 25, 2016 
No where near the horrific act perpetrated on the Orlando Community, at the PULSE nightclub. Having been designated the 'Orlando Nightclub MASSACRE", I've made appeals to change the "name" to 612 (or 6-11. People were having a great time arriving on Saturday night, June 11th. It wasn't until "last call", on the 12th, that the worst that could possibly happen, did). I agree with Depeche Mode, right? "People are people", right? So maybe call it 611, instead of the MASSACRE!!

I know it was felt around the world. when that many consciousnesses are focused on the ONE thing, it's like someone GIGANTIC had set the place on fire with a GIANT magnifying glass! Fortunately the focus had LOVE attached to it. Felt that very strongly. Were any of you responsible for sending us LOVE when we needed it? THANK YOU!!! times a million!

We've tried to pour LOVE out when situations get out of hand around the world and we hope you felt it. Still, visit us on Facebook, tell a friend, maybe "Like" us. We have seen a few of you on FB and it is such a thrill to unite the world for a second, as our minds pass, in the "ether"! Social Network? How about the Consciousness
Reply frss phfobric
9:05 AM on June 17, 2016 
Good morning everyone. As we try to come to grips with the unthinkable, happening to our great city; as we process this terrible tragedy; we are trying to start a movement, however minor, to in no way minimize what has happened. The "Orlando Massacre" is a terrible thing to call it, as Orlando has not become Wild West Central. As the news reports, this city of mostly people who have moved here and not born here has become A World-Class COMMUNITY. I've lived here 80% of my life, and have never seen the solidarity exhibited by Orlando's citizenry. Can't we start calling it "6-12"???? "The Orlando Massacre" doesn't reflect the community that is growing, thriving in spite of these "AIRHEADS" trying to instill fear, fracture an American city. It didn't work! WE ARE STRONGER THAN EVER!! People of the MEDIA, PLEASE CONSIDER THIS RENAMING the horror.
Reply phfobric
2:43 PM on April 15, 2016 
We still alive and kicking a CD out and learn how to sell the shit so it'll take the $$pressure off. You all are feeling that. NO TRANSLATER but I've directed these email/guestbook entries to keep you apprized. I'll transfer the Tin House Ranch posters to the photo section soon so you can have a look at those! For you Americanos, we aren't out much; looking into booking agent, if they exist. If we're out I'll make a BIG ADVANCE ANNOUNCEMENT. NEW WORLD ORDER, er that is the uh GOOD NEW WORLD ORDER, coming to a country near you. Predicting Triangle UFO's buses to take Earthlings (the Rapture??) off the Earth, maybe back to Earth after the remodel or we're off to Another World (the soap opera) What?

Love you all. XOXOXO's from the other guys! KEep finding us in the corners of the Internet, y'all. WoooEeeeeee!
Reply frank
12:56 PM on January 19, 2016 
Howdy dudes and dudettes! In the event we get a little traffic through here, I ought to at least leave a Greeting! GREETINGS! This is a rather dull page, but it's where we can see into your minds. Not for unscrupulous activities, but to get your "take". We had some live song streams that have been relocated and will be back up as soon as we can get it done! We thank you for reading this far, if you sprekinzi English! Look the site over. It's not all old $#!+, but really it is. We got new stuff. Mostly when we have something to say we blog it, but have not for a while. Did you know Drummer Dan got slammed on his "bike" by a mind-wandering, cut-in-front-of-the-motorcycle 4-wheel driver? And Dan's injuries most definitely cast a shadow over phfobe's plans for Recording and Performance, and distribution, and a CD promotional tour. (That's the only way I'd ever get Dan and Oliver to quit their day jobs...for millions, maybe two!) If you ain't got a dream, go gitcha wun! We'll be a-bloggin' here some more. You may want to Bookmark this site. Go ahead. We double-dog dare ya!
Reply frank
1:16 AM on October 9, 2015 
Lov you guyz and dollz
Reply frank
1:11 AM on October 9, 2015 
Yeah we're still here havent gone anywhere when you are "gone" everywhere.
Reply frank
12:58 AM on January 31, 2015 
Hey, another two years gone already? We be busy. I'm the one to blame if I haven't posted gigs that we have done, over the last two years; we played the Tin House Ranch a few times; Lee Swimmer' Benefit for two years in a row. Sign the guestbook while I'm thinking about it! Thank you and may your God Bless!
Reply timmy mullan
1:06 PM on May 11, 2013 
frank-good to meet you at the doubletree job!