MISSION STATEMENT


We are launching this project with the intention of giving you (the listening public) a new and inspired presentation of live music. Whether it is from the list of cover songs we have chosen that are familiar, but not the regular fare, or the original compositions that definitely don't "sound like chicken", our objective is the same; SOMETHING NEW TO FEAST YOUR EARS UPON!

We started with our minds set on the goal of enjoying what we do and doing what we enjoy, and thus far we have succeeded. Although quite capable of sounding like a jukebox, we are allowing ourselves the artistic freedom to do some material not normally associated with a three-piece band and most of all, challenge us as musicians. To that end, we have removed the boundaries imposed by the pardigm of song selection to fit what we are, turning the tables to open the floodgates for our creative juices to flow unobstructed to you.

With a sense of knowing when to follow the rules and when to open it up and let you have it, we think the result will keep you coming back for more. Our unique arrangements have had us working hard to produce the sound we want to convey without removing the overall intention of the music as it was recorded. Not an easy task by any means, but the chemistry of the band has afforded us all the opportunity to freely express what we think should be done and experiment with anything we might want to try. WHAT FUN!!!

All this will be evident in every aspect of our performance and audiences everywhere will reap the benefits of the fruits of our labor. All this being said, sit back, take it in, then let us hear from each and every one of you, your opinion.